• September 2022
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My Singing Lessons

Are you a professional singer or someone who would like to learn how to sing better? If so, my singing lessons can help you!

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Every voice is unique, so each of my students has a programme tailored to their different needs. However, I believe  there are four elements that are the most important to learn in order to sing well. They are:-

Strengthening the breathing muscles and proper breathing control.
Creating clear and pure sounds.

Increasing the vocal range.
Resonating and toning the voice.

My students first learn how to relax and breathe properly as well as working on increasing their capacity and control.
While it is a lot of fun singing in a favourite singers style, it is important in the beginning for us to discover the students “true voice”. We work on producing natural, pure sounds so that the students can get more comfortable and familiar with their own voices.  Students are taught how to project their voices and increase their vocal range in both directions. We work on both the chest and the head voice and the blend between them.
We then go on to work on developing resonance and tone in the voice. Students are taught to direct their voices to the resonance chambers in the body and to reduce colourless and dull, muffled tones. This is the key to an individual sound and is also the most important way to preserve the voice.
There are many other elements that I teach in my lessons, including basic theory, vocal maintenance, phonetics, interpretation, singing in different languages and repertoire. I encourage and teach my students to learn basic pieces on piano, so they can sing, play and write simple songs. They are encouraged to learn other musical genres.

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9 Responses

  1. I can not recommend Katherine enough. After only 3 or 4 lessons I feel like a new person. Katherine has helped me search for new depths within my voice, which I didn’t even know existed. I now make double the amount of money when I’m busking, i can hit and hold higher notes for longer with ease and comfort and my very honest close friends have been commenting on how much I’ve improved. She’s easy and fun to work with, and I look forward to continuing my lessons with her!

  2. I m 50 years old lady and would like to learn to sing, do you home visit? We got piano at home

  3. Katherine is an incredible teacher. She goes above and beyond what is required. She has helped me on many different levels and her approach is unique. I consider her not only a mentor but a friend and ally. In the relatively short space of time we have been working together I have progressed rapidly. Her generosity of spirit is like no one else I’ve encountered. I can’t recommend her enough.

  4. I started yesterday with Katherine and I can truly say I cannot recommend her enough. she made me feel at ease, comfortable and I left her studio more confident than ever. a lot of wonderful techniques that I took with me and I am practicing now, even on the bus or as you walk you can practice. I can really tell that she know her stuff. I cannot wait to go back again.

  5. Could you please let me know, the price for two pupils once a week. I live in Steeple Aston. Thank you.

  6. Katherine thoroughly helped me with my voice, working on opening up and building confidence. She’s clearly experienced and had more than enough knowledge to help me with whatever I needed it with. I recommend her completely

  7. After just a few lessons with Katherine, I already feel 10 times more support, self awareness and comfortably in my singing. Even my family and friends have noticed a huge improvement in my vocals since beginning these vocal lessons. Katherine’s incredible knowledge within her craft compliments her unique style of teaching, causing each lesson to be informative, easy to understand, great fun and most importantly, personalised to my individual development.
Katherine has been an amazing mentor, she not only helps with repertoire suggestions, but has also loaded me up with informative sheets/book pages to help grasp exercises and keep track of the progress. I am so grateful to have found a voice coach that has taught me how to love singing again and be more relaxed in doing so. 

I am very excited to continue developing my voice and wellness with Katherine & could not recommend her enough!

  8. Dear Katherine Prado Singing Lessons
    I have 2 young children age 7 and 5 (male and female ). I would like them to learn music. We live in Hackney area.
    Let us know if you have space.
    Best Regards
    Y. Conteh

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